Two photographers, Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre, living in different parts of the world, Santa Fe, New Mexico and London, UK, come together in this collaboration called alteredstates/alteredscapes.

The artists pass work back and forth, combining elements of each of their individual photographs to create new, manipulated images that portray otherworldly streetscapes. Closed doors, hand rails, and concrete come together to distort what is real. The artists met through Instagram and decided to collaborate based on their shared experience of using the social media platform to view and share contemporary and fine art photography. Images shared through Instagram are rapidly consumed by users and the pressure to “feed” the audience with more and more images can stifle the creativity of artists. The name of the project, alteredstates/alteredscapes is a playful reference to the surreal experience of sharing art on Instagram. 

The collaboration poses the following questions: Are the experiences on social media – what we see, who we engage with, the affirmations – is any of it real? Do social media platforms develop artists and create new relationships or do they threaten an artist’s unique vision and creativity? Does the intention to share and create meaningful art get interrupted by a never-ending dopamine rush in the quest for the most “likes”?  How is the world of contemporary photography changing as a result? Is photography morphing into something else entirely?  

These hypnogogic dreamscapes include popular minimalist subjects, and use the language of aesthetic formalism to push the limits of scale, color and geometry while also asking the viewer to consider the larger questions of how we live with images in the age of social media.